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SculptJin Medium.

SculptJin Medium.

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SculptJin is a water based liquid sculpting medium. It works best with natural materials like cottons, denim, lace, paper and cardboard.

When SculptJin is massaged into materials it will add strength and allow you to sculpt materials onto a variety of different substrates, It is ideal for mixed media projects. You can also mix with sawdust, tissue paper to create a clay.


It is a good idea to wear an apron and gloves as it is a fabric hardener and will ruin your Sunday best if not protected. SculptJin can be a messy medium so wearing gloves is recommended.


Pour an amount into a plastic tub, not too much as you can always add more if needed, take your piece of material and submerge in sculptjin, gently massage into your material, making sure that you have massaged the whole piece well. Paint your piece with some sculptjin and add material to whatever your creating with, now you can play with the material and shape it to how you want it. TIP If you have over saturated your material with sculptjin it will be heavy and also take longer to dry. Once you are happy with your creation you can leave it to dry or you can use a hairdryer on low blast to help dry if you are wanting to add more pieces of material.

Your creations should be touch dry in about an hour, so this gives time to play with arrangements of material but sculptjin will take 3 weeks to fully cure.
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